It’s a SQL Server Weekend!

Tomorrow is SQL Saturday Philly in our Microsoft Technology Center in Malvern, PA!!

Here is the SlideShare link to my presentation on Microsoft Cloud BI

This is my blog post from today on SQL Server Pro Magazine BI Blog for Microsoft Cloud BI

Here is the SlideShare link to my presentation on Microsoft DW for SQL Server DBAs

Have a great SQL Server weekend all!!  Br, Mark


SQL Server 2012 Roadshow in Malvern MTC

Many thanks to all of those who were able to attend today’s roadshow in Malvern, PA for our Microsoft SQL Server 2012 here in the Malvern Microsoft Technology Center!

As promised, here are some follow-up links and presentations that I have to share with you all. If you have any further questions or require anything else from today’s session, please post follow-up questions in the comments and I promise to reply back with some answers or further material.

You may also follow this blog by subscribing or follow my twitter @MSSQLDUDE for other updates and events related to SQL Server.

Thank you!! Br, Mark Kromer

This is a link to the primary SQL Server 2012 overview presentation

Here is the Microsoft page with presentations and additional information about the database Private Cloud and Consolidation Appliance that I talked about today.

If you would like to try out the awesome new BI reporting tools in SSRS for SQL Server 2012, we have publicly-available live data models built on our new in-memory BISM analytics with Power View that you can play around with here. This is the Power View tool that AJ was demonstrating today in the BI sessions.

There were 2 questions that I promised to follow-up on for the audience today and here they are:

1. Here is the link to the Upgrade Advisor for SQL Server 2012

2. Chargeback appears to be part of the Microsoft System Center suite’s capability set for VMs, meaning that it is meant for chargeback in virtualized private cloud scenarios.


Catching-up: Updated Goings-on in October

Sorry that I’ve been so busy lately, I have not yet had time to complete part 1 of my System Center series for SQL Server DBAs. I promise to have the SCOM section out this weekend.

I do want to point you all to 2 updating “goings-on” in my world:

  1. We are running a free 4 hour SQL Server 2008 R2 performance monitoring and tuning seminar sponsored by Sebastian Meine of SQLITY.NET on October 20 in our Malvern Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) here in the Philly burbs. You can register for that free event here.
  2. And I finally got around to complete a new SQL Server Magazine BI Blog post today focused on the SQL Server Denali CTP3 release of SSIS, demonstrating the new version control features here.
  3. I am finalizing my demos and presentations for Philly Code Camp on October 15. You can register here, it is FREE and lots & lots of training on .NET technologies and we have BI & SQL Server tracks. This is the 3rd update to my series on leveraging Silverlight in Microsoft BI to make cool visualizations and dashboards. Code Camp is one of my favorite events of all-time, I always have a great time at these events. I also will update my presentation and demos and post those next week, just prior to the event.


June 8 Philly SQL Server User Group Meeting

The June Philly SQL Server User Group meeting will be back here in the Malvern Microsoft office at 45 Liberty Blvd. Click here to sign-up to register and attend. You can also go to the Philly SQL Server User Group PASS home page here to learn more about the local chapter of the Professional Association of  SQL Server and become a member.

Attending the meeting next Wednesday is free and you’ll learn about SQL Azure, SQL Server Denali, XML Query Plans and Violin’s flash storage technology.

See ya there! Thanks, Mark

PSSUG SJ January 25 2011

Many thanks to all for coming out to the Haddon Heights Public Library yesterday for the South Jersey chapter of the SQL Server Users Group. As promised, I am publishing follow-up material and links based on my presentations & demos yesterday of SQL Server 2008 R2 and Denali … Best, Mark

MAP tool: Click here to download the free tool that I mentioned to do a discovery on your network of all SQL Server instances. It will also tell what version, edition, instances and many other good tidbits about your SQL environment. This is very useful to get a good understanding of your overall foorprint and update your SQL Server inventory.

SQL ServerMigration Assistant for MS-Access: When I ran through my Access databases yesterday, I only can convert Tables & Queries. The migration assistant will still convert your tables & queries into a SQL Server database and the SSMA tool is a free download from, just click here.

Resource Governor Demo: Since my demo was broken last night, click here for a webcast featuring the Resource Governor capability in 2008 R2 which allows you to throttle connections based on your own classifier function. Very useful to control databases in multi-DB SQL Server 2008 instances.

Download Denali (SQL 11) here

Link to the presentation

Microsoft Give Camp in NYC January 2011

A Microsoft Give Camp has been announced in New York City for January:

I volunteered for the last one in Philly this past summer and donated my time as an ASP.NET developer, data modeling and SQL DBA. 

It was a tremendously fulfilling experience and if you like donating your time to non-profit charities, I’m sure there will be a list of many good ones available to do work for in NYC.

Thanks to the South Jersey SQL UG!

Many thanks to Ron for inviting me and for those who attended the October SQL Server South Jersey User Group last night. If anyone would like any follow-up information or deeper dive on the mass of material (I didn’t even have time to cover everything at a high level) please send me your info or drop a line in the comments section here and I’ll follow-up with you. I can get on a Live Meeting webcast with you to run some demos on other areas like I did last night in the library. Best regards, Mark Kromer

SQL Saturday #59 in NYC: FREE!

SQL Saturday is another example of the awesome grassroots community that exists around Microsoft technologies in general and SQL Server specifically. In November, SQL Saturday #59 will take place at the Microsoft NYC oofice in Manhattan. Go here to register: Lots of great sessions, speakers and networking opportunities. I’ll talk about cool BI visualization options for an hour in the morning. See ya there!