SQL Server 2012 Roadshow in Malvern MTC

Many thanks to all of those who were able to attend today’s roadshow in Malvern, PA for our Microsoft SQL Server 2012 here in the Malvern Microsoft Technology Center!

As promised, here are some follow-up links and presentations that I have to share with you all. If you have any further questions or require anything else from today’s session, please post follow-up questions in the comments and I promise to reply back with some answers or further material.

You may also follow this blog by subscribing or follow my twitter @MSSQLDUDE for other updates and events related to SQL Server.

Thank you!! Br, Mark Kromer

This is a link to the primary SQL Server 2012 overview presentation

Here is the Microsoft page with presentations and additional information about the database Private Cloud and Consolidation Appliance that I talked about today.

If you would like to try out the awesome new BI reporting tools in SSRS for SQL Server 2012, we have publicly-available live data models built on our new in-memory BISM analytics with Power View that you can play around with here. This is the Power View tool that AJ was demonstrating today in the BI sessions.

There were 2 questions that I promised to follow-up on for the audience today and here they are:

1. Here is the link to the Upgrade Advisor for SQL Server 2012

2. Chargeback appears to be part of the Microsoft System Center suite’s capability set for VMs, meaning that it is meant for chargeback in virtualized private cloud scenarios.



2 thoughts on “SQL Server 2012 Roadshow in Malvern MTC

  1. Thanks for all the work that obviously went into the presentations by all of you, Mark. I definitely felt it well worth the drive and the time-off to get to see you all.

    In future, could we also get a video, so we can slow down the bits where you skip through ten or more slides to get to the next major point? – I, for one, just can’t keep up with reading slides at a rate of 2 or 3 per second! (maybe I’m just getting old!)

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