PSSUG SJ January 25 2011

Many thanks to all for coming out to the Haddon Heights Public Library yesterday for the South Jersey chapter of the SQL Server Users Group. As promised, I am publishing follow-up material and links based on my presentations & demos yesterday of SQL Server 2008 R2 and Denali … Best, Mark

MAP tool: Click here to download the free tool that I mentioned to do a discovery on your network of all SQL Server instances. It will also tell what version, edition, instances and many other good tidbits about your SQL environment. This is very useful to get a good understanding of your overall foorprint and update your SQL Server inventory.

SQL ServerMigration Assistant for MS-Access: When I ran through my Access databases yesterday, I only can convert Tables & Queries. The migration assistant will still convert your tables & queries into a SQL Server database and the SSMA tool is a free download from, just click here.

Resource Governor Demo: Since my demo was broken last night, click here for a webcast featuring the Resource Governor capability in 2008 R2 which allows you to throttle connections based on your own classifier function. Very useful to control databases in multi-DB SQL Server 2008 instances.

Download Denali (SQL 11) here

Link to the presentation


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