SQL Server Reporting Services Performance

I just returned from having several in-person discussions this week with customers, DBAs and developers who were looking for guidance, best practices and whitepapers on scaling SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2205 & SSRS 2008. I compiled what I feel are the best publicly available postings from Microsoft’s internal SQL CAT & product teams for each of these areas below … enjoy! Best, Mark

World Map CodePlex Project for Reporting Services

Really cool project on Codeplex to make available maps from across the globe, beyond the out-of-the-box maps that you see in Report Builder today: http://mapgallery.codeplex.com/ 

This is a copy & paste right from the Codeplex project site:

MapGallery of Reporting Services in SQL Server 2008 R2
World map separeted by countries, able to join Map Gallery in Reporting Services inside SQL Server 2008 R2. Join us, and make your country in this world map.

Everyone can upload your own country map
By default, only USA maps came with Reporting Services. This proposal is make a world map to use for all in Reporting Services.