Microsoft Philly: Learn about SQL Server PDW Massive-Scale DW

On August 10 in our Microsoft Malvern office (45 Liberty Blvd Malvern, PA) we have 2 sessions being sponored by Microsoft partner BI Voyage. Both of these sessions are focued on learning about the Microsoft SQL Server parallel data warehouse (PDW) for massive-scale-out data warehouses.

You can join us for the 8:30 AM session with breakfast included, goes until 12 PM. This session will be higher-level with overview and business impact of PDW.

The evening session will begin @ 5:30 PM in conjuction with the Philly SQL Server User Group and will go until 8:30 PM. This will be a more technical deep-dive session.

If you would like more details, either send me questions in comments on this post or email me (mkromer :at:

Thanks, Mark

UPDATES: There is NO CHARGE to come into Malvern to join us for these PDW sessions. BI Voyage ( has been kind enough to sponor these sessions for Microsoft.

If you would like to join the evening session, here is the Phily SQL Server User Group EventBrite link to do register (no cost).

Join us for a Data Warehouse Appliance Seminar!

TechTarget is running a free virtual seminar on Data Warehouse Appliances on November 16, featuring Bill Inmon and William McKnight. Sign up here. No cost to you, join from your laptop and you can win a free Xbox 360 and $100 Amazon gift card! The seminar will feature highlights of Microsoft’s new (and first) SQL Server data warehouse appliance for highly scalable data warehouses: SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW). See ya there! Best, Mark