Azure Marketplace Solutions

Yes, it’s been a while and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things, keeping MS-SQL Dude running, after my 2 year hiatus in the Open Source world.

To get back into the swing of things, I’ll share with you all a series of videos that I put together with the Microsoft Azure Partner team around the database, analytics and big data offerings from other software vendors that are available as solution template images on the Azure Marketplace:

We first started at the fundamental data level with my old friends at DataStax and their Cassandra database product

We then moved up the stack into batch analytics, streaming and distributed execution engines on Hadoop with my friends at Hortonworks

Lastly, we finished up with the end-user data visualization and BI layer from Looker

All of these data solutions are available from the Azure Marketplace link above.

You can also find several of the presentations from this series at my Slideshare site here.


What 2011 Will Bring in Microsoft SQL Server Land

I am going to continue in this blog, on SearchSQLServer, SQL Magazine BI Blog and Twitter (@MSSQLDUDE) to focus on these core areas that you should watch for in 2011 for those of you that follow Microsoft SQL Server: Oracle integration, best practices, BI visualizations and SQL 11 (Denali).

But what are the new investment areas @ Microsoft and new & exciting outside of the classic SQL Server 2005/2008/2011 topics? Let’s focus on these for 2011 because it is clear this is the direction that Microsoft will take us:

1. Cloud Computing (SQL Azure & Windows Azure)

2. Database scale-out and load balancing with virtualization, SQL Azure and Parallel Data Warehouse

3. Silverlight BI hyper-cool visualizations on PCs, Slate and Windows Phone 7

4. How to take things to the next level with SQL 11

5. Cloud BI

What else interests you for SQL world in 2011?