Never a Fan of End-of-Year Top N Lists …

End-of-the-year top N lists are silly. The entire concept of a 365 calendar year creates a false sense of tidying-up anyhow and now provides us all with a time to be inundated with top-N lists for the past year.

My friends @ TechTarget’s sent me 3 lists! A top 5, a top 7 and a top 10, making top N truly a variable number.

Well, I read through them and I found them interesting, but as I often do with these lists, unsatisfying. For instance:

Top BI stories of 2010: No Pentaho or open-source BI in general? And the SearchDM continues to emphasize a lack of user demand of mobile BI. I think this (again) misses the point of overall IT dissatisfaction with mobile device enterprise security. I’ll put my money on Cloud BI & OpenSource BI being BIG stories in 2011.

Top Data Management Stories: Right on with the cloud story, again, but that’s an easy one. Somehow they missed Microsoft’s Parallel Data Warehouse release in 2010 as part of their #1 data management story: the emergence of data warehouse appliances – oops! That being said, I think this is 1-year anomoly. Cloud & virtualization will be more of an IT focus for data management in 2011 while DW appliance are here to stay, just not front-of-mind for CIOs.

Top 5 information management goof-ups: No comment on these, but you may find it entertaining to read!