Change to tagline

You may have noticed that I changed my blog’s tagline from “A TSP’s life” to “The life of a data geek” … That’s because I’ve decided to hang-up my Microsoft Data Platform Technology Specialist role and leave Microsoft after 5 great years with MSFT.

I’m starting a new role where I get to focus on 3 things are my sweet spot and near & dear to my heart: business intelligence, product development and big data. I’ll post a wrap-up to the SQL TSP role @ Microsoft shortly. But suffice it to say that I prefer building things and focusing on analytics and customer solutions as opposed to the requirements that come along with the SQL TSP role which was about 75/25 weighted toward traditional DBA work.

That being said, I’ll still be very active in the SQL Server community, just as a customer once again. And this time I won’t be a competitor like I was when I was with Oracle!

Leaving Microsoft will allow me to give a different perspective on things without feeling constrained by product roadmap and internal Microsoft constraints. In fact, I’ll probably start adding back in more Oracle perspectives as well as other BI integration techniques, so please stay tuned!

That’s it for now … Give me another 1-2 weeks to get established in my new role and then I’ll get back into a regular cadence here on the MSSQLDUDE blog. Thanks for reading and for your patience!!

All the best, Mark


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