April Catch-up on Recent Goings-on

Time for an end-of-the-month catch-up on the goings-on of the life of a Microsoft SQL Server TSP!

My latest blog entries for the SQL Server Magazine BI Blog are on Enterprise Information Management (EIM) tools in SQL Server 2012 and on using the new SSAS Tabular Model database paradigm using Report Builder as your reporting tool:



I was honored to have my entry on SQL Azure Reporting Services in the latest edition of SQL Server Magazine (now SQL Server Pro) and now online only (subscription required):


I completed my Windows Azure Web application for event registration using Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight UIs and successfully deployed it at Microsoft’s Women Executive retreat in Philadelphia last week. I am making a Codeplex project for the code and will publish the App in the Windows Marketplace soon. Look for a write-up on that on MSDN and this blog shortly.

If you are in the Philly area May or June, I will be presenting the SQL Server 2012 overview for the local .NET Code Camp at the Penn State Abington campus on May 12 and our SQL Saturday on June 9. There I will present DW management in SQL Server and Cloud BI. Both of these events are on a Saturday and include an entire day of free training immersed in .NET and SQL Server, respectively.

Well, back to authoring SQL Server & BI demos, presentations and planning my weekly customer visits for next week … That is a MSFT SQL Server TSP’s life after all!


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