CLOSED: Free SQL Server Performance Monitoring Seminar in Malvern MTC

**** We had to close registration for this 20-seat seminar as the response was so quick and we filled it up!

**** If you sent me an email and received a response back that you are registered, then we will see you here on June 22 @ 2 PM.

If not, don’t worry … I promise to work to schedule another SQL Server free seminar in the Microsoft Malvern office again very soon.

Thanks! Mark




Are you going to be in the Philly are on June 22 from 2-5 PM? We are hosting Sebastian Meine for a 3-hour complimentary seminar in our Microsoft Technology Center in Malvern, PA. This free training will focus on SQL Server 2008 R2 performance Monitoring and will include snacks & beverages.

If you can join us, that would be great! Just send me an email here. You must register with me in order to attend. Below is the flier for the seminar. Many thanks! Mark

SQL Server Performance Monitoring Basics — Will my SQL Server keep up with the workload of tomorrow?

This class will introduce the concepts and tools to recognize performance trends to identify and address small problems before they become big ones.

To accomplish this we will:

-­‐ introduce the ACIDproperties, focusing on Isolation including locks and latches

-­‐ explore the query lifecycle with query compilation and the three query execution phases

-­‐ investigate blocking, showing ways to monitor for blocking occurrences

-­‐ examine performance-­‐related DMVs

The class  closes out by introducing the Management Data Warehouse, a tool to use on all your servers to monitoring the items covered in this class.

After  attending the class, you will be able to:

-­‐ describe ACID and its components and explain its  impact on concurrency

-­‐ differentiate between locks  and latches

-­‐ explain the query lifecycle

-­‐ identify blocked and blocking sessions and their SQL statements

-­‐ use DMVs to get a picture of your server health

-­‐ monitor  important SQL Server performance metrics over time using the Management Data Warehouse

-­‐ see  important trends in your performance metrics


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