SSRS Against an Oracle Data Source

My continuing coverage of integrating Oracle and SQL Server … Today’s post is a bit of a cheat: I’m just going to point you back to a blog post that I did when I was with Oracle where I showed you how to leverage SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) against an Oracle data warehouse that was loaded from the Oracle Primavera enterprise project portfolio management product (EPPM):

The reason that I felt compelled to post that example when I was with Oracle is that I would constantly run into customers who were using 1 of 2 products for ad-hoc reporting: Crystal Reports or SSRS. And usually SSRS and Report Builder where there because customers had existing investments in SQL Server. Of course, Crystal Reports was there because (a) it’s been around forever and (b) most of the customers that I worked with were actually SAP customers, not Oracle Apps customers. Which means that they received Crystal Reports licenses.

Anyway, long story short, that link above is a decent example of how I was able to pull in Oracle database data directly into an SSRS report. Very easy and straight-forward. Also, if you are going to use the SSMA migration assistant from Microsoft to migrate your database from Oracle to SQL Server, you will need to recreate your Oracle Reports in SSRS. There are a few companies out there that will work with you as consultants to migrate those reports for you.


4 thoughts on “SSRS Against an Oracle Data Source

  1. Your link to gives a 404. Would be very interested in reading what you had to say if you can still find your blog post.

  2. Hello

    Your blog has really helped me in clarifying some questions I have. But is their a way I can get some info on the below

    Any document or details on how to connect to Oracle Database for SSRS reporting, and also how to convert Oracle reports to SSRS reports, looking for info with real time examples if possible

    Would appreciate if you can please share the them!!


    1. For converting from Oracle reports (Oracle BI Publisher) to SSRS, we typically rebuild the report definition in SSRS. If you need to understand converting any embedded PL/SQL to T-SQL, take a look at the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle. You can paste PL/SQL into the tool and get the corresponding T-SQL out of it.

      As for connecting to an Oracle DB from SSRS, you can connect to Oracle databases from SSRS as a data connection:

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