Another Cool PBM Policy for Admins: Part 3

I think this is part 3 … but in actuality, I’ve lost track!

Anyway, what I came across this week was a really cool policy that DBAs will like when using SQL Server 2008 R2’s policy based management (PBM).

This is a policy that you can build using the Certificate facet on your server. Create a condition using DateAdd() to add 7 days to the current date with GetDate() then compare that against the ExpirationDate of Certificates on your servers. You can schedule this policy and check the results each day to alert you of any certificates that will expire 7 days from today:

BTW, have you imported all of the out-of-the-box policies that ship with SQL Server 2008 R2? Take a look under Policies in your Management node at the instance level … There are a LOT of goodies that Microsoft gives you and these are all based on best practices that have been accumulated over the years, including the server hardening rules from the surface area configuration that was moved into PBM from SQL Server 2005:


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