Microsoft BI with Silverlight UPDATED

I wanted to follow-up on my postings and occasional delivery of my Silverlight with Microsoft BI session where one of my demos is showing custom Silverlight controls on a Web page in a dashboard that are based on the original Silverlight 1.0 files that we used when I was in the Microsoft BI solutions team in Redmond. The project was called Microsoft Enterprise Cube (MEC) and is a wonderful example of leveraging dynamic, exciting data visualization to make for compelling BI solutions.

I mentioned at the last presentation at SQL Saturday in Philly, that you can have the original XAML but that you will want to put it into a tool like Expression Blend, modify and update it for your own solution. I finally got around to opening it up again (first time in 3 years!) and it loads just fine in Expression Blend and you can then do what you would like to use this as a good Silverlight starting point and make it your own:


The original XAML is here.

BTW, I am going to be presenting the next generation of my Microsoft BI with Silverlight presentation on April 9 @ Philly Code Camp in Ft. Washington: I am going to walk through the steps of using cool data visualizations with SQL Server for Microsoft BI by using easy tools (Report Builder, PerformancePoint), moderate complexity (3rd party components) and the more difficult method like using custom components in Silverlight such as this one.


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