Sample Cool Silverlight BI Controls

Sorry about this being a few weeks late, but I finally had the time today to grab copies of the JScript and XAML from the old Silverlight BI controls from a project that I worked on when I was with Microsoft Services a few years back. I demo’d this at the NYC SQL Saturday last month as part of my demonstration of some cool ways that BI developers can add Silverlight to your dashboard to spruce up your Microsoft BI solutions.

I am including the bar chart example with time sliders and smooth transitions. Keep in mind that these are only examples of what a Silverlight BI control would look like on your dashboard and that you would need to host it via a Web page to incorporate into a solution or into SharePoint / PerformancePoint. Also, I do not have code samples for data binding to this control. Also, it is Silverlight 1.0 (I think, I don’t remember, it was a while back) and so you should use this as a guide to recreate it in Silverlight 4.0. Maybe I’ll get some time to do that over the next couple of weeks.

The XAML is the Silverlight code and the JScript adds the values to the control so that you can demonstrate how it look, feels and works. Click on this link here to go to my Live SkyDrive and download the files.


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