NYC SQL Saturday BI Visualization Follow-up Info

Thanks for joining my session @ NYC SQL Saturday on Microsoft BI cool visualizations!

Let me start you off with a list of important links that I mentioned today and how to get access to the demos and cool Silverlight BI dashboard controls that I demo’d.


This is the super-cool Silverlight-based control from Live Labs in Microsoft that is now available as a CTP for Sharepoint. Here is the link for the online live demo with Netflix data. This is the PivotViewer blog and here is the PivotViewer download for SharePoint. I was demoing the version from laptop using the JIT PivotViewer which you get here.


Remember, most of what I demo’d in terms of spatial, GIS and maps are all available natively in SQL Server 2008 / R2, SSRS and Report Builder. The Silverlight advanced map that uses Bing Maps API is available on Codeplex in a project called Data Connector. Go there to download and try out the sample. It is very easy to set-up and get working against your database.


The Silverlight 1.0/2.0 graphs that I showed at the beginning were from my project @ Microsoft prior to SQL Server 2008 and I will post the code for those controls in a subsequent follow-up posting here on my MSSQLDUDE blog. But the current up-to-date Silverlight style graphs that I demo’d with transitions and smooth graphics were from Visifire. Go to their site here to get the XAML and try it out. You can use the free version that I showed with the disclaimer on the web part. But I don’t want to recommend one Silverlight control vendor over another. There are plenty out there that you should examine before purhcasing. Thanks to Russell Christopher, a fellow Microsoft Technology Specialist, for turning me on to Visifre, though. Their demo is very cool. And if you would like to get your hands on some spatial data and location data like lat/long try out geocoder, CodePlex SQL Spatial tools for loading shape files and viewing maps here and Sharp GIS has some good tools and samples to work with.


Let us not forget the old standby tools that are the bread-and-butter of the Microsoft BI stack for us SQL Server pros. The capabilities in the enterprise edition of these tools is outstanding as you saw at the SQL Saturday this week. The out-of-the-box mapping capabilities with Bing Maps is phenomenal and you can make very, very good dashboards like these below with the base tools.


We had so much fun talking and demoing these technologies and so liitle time on Saturday that we never made it to mobile BI! Below is a screenshot of a mobile BI screen on Windows Phone. You can use tools like that one from PushBI or another good online tool is RoamBI. A parnter of ours that I work with alot is BI Voyage. Check out Derek Comingore’s demo of RoamBI which allows you to quickly build an iPhone based Microsoft BI solution using your data from their website.

Thanks again and here is a link to the presentation that I used. Best, Mark


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