A Word on Managing SharePoint Databases

I just wanted to veer off for a minute today to link to a short posting I read today on MS SQL Tips here. A very common part of many a SQL Server DBA’s daily activities and part of the job description will include maintenance and care & feeding of a SharePoint farm & associated SQL Server database.

Instead of rehashing what is contained in the link that I included above, I’ll instead let you click there and read a few of the listed “best practices”, most of which I come across and agree with from what I see day in and day out.

What I will do is provide a very simple 3-point list of common areas in SQL Server that you should focus on and be aware of when maintaining a SharePoint database:

1. Learn STSADM.exe. This is a tool that a SharePoint admin lives by and you will likely need to use it to interrogate site data, move sites and site backup & recovery.

2. STSADM can be used to monitor the database size for SharePoint, but you will be much better served by using centralized monitoring tools like System Center or a 3rd party like Quest.

3. Plan, plan and then plan again. Try to get in front of slow-roll SharePoint deployments that are not designed to scale. Use this Microsoft best practices document to lead you into the best ways to configure and set limits on SQL Server for Sharepoint.


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