PowerPivot Notes from Philly Code Camp 2010.2

First, my many thanks go out to Bill Wolff and team from Philly.NET for another fantastic Philly Code Camp. And to Said Salomon for inviting me to speak on PowerPivot at Saturday’s event. Of course, thanks must go to the nearly 500 who took time on a beatiful Saturday morning & afternoon to spend with us talking about Microsoft technologies. This kind of gathering is a KEY reason that I came back to Microsoft. The sense of community, ingenuity and technical prowess is unmatched in any other technology community today.

As promised, I am following up in the blog posting with the material and further reading on PowerPivot based on the demos from Saturday and I would also like to reiterate: GREAT questions and great dialog during the session, thank you!

1. I tried a few additional ways to filter out rows as well as columns which I demo’d yesterday when brining in data sources and there is an additional technique that we missed yesterday. Notice in the screenshots below, that from the filter box you can do more than just choose columns, you can also use the Excel functionality of picking row filters based on values:

2. If you would like to walk-through building an analysis project with PowerPivot like I demonstrated on Saturday, go to MSDN Channel 9 and follow the great step-by-step instructions in the PowerPivot exercises here. You’ll probably get better results and cool graphs that I can do with my lack of graphical design expertise!

3. Here is a link from Slideshare of the slides that I used at the beginning of the session

4. And finally, this is a link to download the online Microsoft guide book on DAX, the new Excel-based expression language that PowerPivot uses to create calculated columns and measures.


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