Microsoft BI with Oracle Applications

Is it necessary to always think in terms of Microsoft v. Oracle from a DBA or developer’s perspective? Or can these 2 technologies co-exist and flourish together when you are faced with such a heterogenous environment?

Of course, they can exist side-by-side and I have experienced many environments like this and have written a few pieces about some of these mixes. An example would be a Microsoft .NET or Microsoft BI developer writing solutions and reports against an Oracle application. I have some examples such as on my Oracle blog here which I authored when I was an Oracle product manager, where I demonstrate using Report Builder with Oracle applications and an Oracle data warehouse.

I am going to expand on using Microsoft BI & reporting from SQL Server to access Oracle applications and Oracle databases, as well as best practices in exchanging data bi-direction between the 2 databases. It is important to understand best practices, limitations and gotchas which I run into from time to time, especially when migrating databases from Oracle to SQL Server. I’ll run through this in about 3 posts as a new series starting when I return home later in the week.

In the meantime, if you are interested in more sharing or Oracle & SQL Server co-existing, check out the SQL Server Oracle Virtual Chapter from PASS, the Professional Association of SQL Server chapter for Oracle.


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