Looooong week: SQL Wrap-up

My apologies for the lack of blog updates this week. The holiday and many customer priorities drew me away from the blog this week. But there was a good Philly SQL User Group meeting this week, with great attendance. You can look for my updates to the SQL Server BI Blog next week on the BI visualization series where I will show examples of different mapping tools to draw-out SQL Server 2008 spatial data.

I do want to leave you with a nice little posting on MSSQLTIPS today that I read here. When discussing CAST vs. CONVERT with T-SQL newbies, things get interesting. This is a great concrete example helping to show those differences.

Lastly, have you signed-up for a trial of Windows or SQL Azure yet? I am spending all day today writing a demo app on Windows Azure that will access a SQL Azure database as part of a contest we are having internally at Microsoft as we all learn more about cloud computing. It’s pretty cool and costs next to nothing or FREE to try out.

Have a GREAT weekend! Best, Mark


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