How cool is policy-based mgmt?

Ok, week 2 of my (re) onboarding with MSFT and I am slooooowing finding time to blog again. I am working with customers on ALL areas of SQL Server. Those of you familiar with the entire SQL Server stack will know that covers just about ALL things IT: database, BI, DW, administration, development, security, etc, etc, etc.

When I was a DBA on SQL 2000 & 2005 databases, prior to coming to Microsoft for my 1st tour of duty, I worked in environments and for companies where we had many unknown pockets of SQL Server instances. Many of these were “un-official” databases that groups had stood-up, sometimes through organically-grown applications that a group’s guru had put together to cleverly solve business problems.

Now that I am studying for my SS2K8 certifications, I am currently focusing on a SQL Server 2008 features that a lot of colleagues had been talking to me about, particularly when I was at Oracle. As a point of pride that it made the cut in SQL Server 2008, it is “policy based management”.

Very cool, I thought … a way to manage particular settings on a number of remote SQL Server instances from your management studio by enforcing compliance to standard policy settings. One really obvious use case that I read this morning from MS SQL TIPS here is to ensure that your critical SQL Server instances are running in Full Recovery mode. Seems like a no-brainer and that short tip tells the story. Check it out …


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