Cool BI Data Visualizations

I am still going through and reposting some of my favorite, and the most popular, postings from my previous MSDN blogs. This time, I want to point you to what was one of our most popular subject areas in MEC around data visualizations, here.

That posting includes examples of Silverlight, Sparklines and PPS strategy maps. Some of those technologies have evolved since 2007, such as Silverlight and WPF improvements in data-binding, SSRS & Report Builder now have very compelling visualizations and geographic maps out of the box, and Sparklines made it into Excel 2010 (YEAH!).

But you may find the way that we had applied Silverlight controls into a SharePoint portal for dashboards as an approach or “best practice” for visualizing BI in your business. In practice, I have almost always found that compelling visualization of data in BI reports and dashboards that help draw in users, particuarly non-stastically based users, helps drive adoption of your BI solutions. In return, however, as a developer, it is imperative that you ensure that your visualizations are actually adding value in terms of bringing out the answers to the business questions. After all, answering business questions is why users access data for business intelligence.


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